Mary C Membership

Membership in the Mary C. supports visual and performing arts. Benefits of membership include advanced notice of performances, reduced tuition for classes and workshops, reduced member price on Mary C sponsored events, 10% off in Gift Shop and more!

We need and appreciate your support!

The Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center of Arts and Education is a non-profit organization maintaining a 501[c] 3 status (Tax ID 64-0915116)




 Individual: $40

Family: $65

Friend-Individual: $100

Patron: $500

Benefactor: $1000

Cultural Leader: $5000

We would like to thank  our wonderful members for their support.

February 2017


Ms. Linda Foster

Ms. Eileen Roll


Mr. Rickey Authement

Ms. Jane Brenden

Ms. Sarah Case

Ms. Kristin Hannan

Dr. & Mrs. F. Selman

Ms. Mary Spencer


Ms. Joy Cherry

Ms. Chantal Krause

Ms. Judi Peterson

Mr. Shell Prosser

Mr. John Skinner

January 2017


Mr. Barq

Ms. Jean Coleman

Ms. Romelle Cummings

Ms. Debra Dale

Ms. Nancy Lemon

Ms. Anna Power

Ms. Claudia Reda

Ms. Becky Rutz

Ms. Bryant Whelan


Mr. Arthur Allen

Ms. Cathy Galle

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Graham

Ms. Connie Hannah

Mrs. Holly Lansdown

Mr. & Mrs. Donnie McClain

Dr. Ernest Pinson

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Sauls

Mr. Bruno Schroeder

Ms. Faith Williston


Mr. Charles Munger

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Wilkerson

December 2016


Ms. Stephanie Carzoli

Ms. Heather Church

Ms. Cheryl Hinton

Ms. Valerie Richard

Ms. Ganell Rudkin

Ms. Diana Schmied

Mr. & Mrs. John Weldon


Ms. Bonnie Andrews

Ms. Polly Ladner

Ms. Susie Moran

Ms. Catherine Patton

Mr. Dan Richard

November 2016


Ms. Cheryl Jackson Cooper

Ms. Rosalea McIntosh


Ms. Rebecca Alston

Mr. & Mrs. George Blazer

Mr. & Mrs. Martial Car

Ms. Allene Chatham

Mr. & Mrs. David Dugger

Ms. Wendy Landry

Dr. William & Mollie Pontius


Ms. Katy Bomar

Ms. Sandra Bray

Ms. Shirley Cahela

Mr. Bobby Cox

Ms. D. Lady

Ms. Linda Nagel

Mr. Bobby O’Neal

Ms. Sarah Peckinpaugh

Ms. Lynn Quist

Ms. Anna Tarczanin


October 2016


Mr. Larry Cosper

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Jurik

Mr. Allan Micksch

Mr. & Mrs. Mickey Williams


Ms. Mary Bayne

Mr. & Mrs. Donald del Cid

Mrs. Debra Gilley

Mr. William Hawkins

Ms. Wendy Landry

Ms. Elizabeth Platt

Mr. & Mrs. Donovan Scruggs

Mr. Walter Skupien

Mrs. Cecil George Smith


Ms. Sylvia Bosco

Ms. Lyn Brown

Ms. Mary Anne Caldwell

Mrs. Helen Effinger

Ms. Annita Johnson

Ms. Nettie Carter Jones

Ms. Christine Marshall

Ms. George Ann McCullough

Ms. Martha O’Connor

Ms. Sarah Peckinpaugh

Ms. Lynn Quist

Ms. Gilda Seymour

September 2016


Mr. & Mrs. Dickey Arndt


Ms. Melanie Allen

Ms. Jeanne Cosentino

Dr. Patricia Pinson

Ms. Carolyn Sanders

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Snyder


Dr. Holly Bowie

Ms. Kelly Dial

Ms. Paula Lamont

Ms. Dianne Kreeger

Ms. Bonnie Meister

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Parker

Ms. Laura Patino

Ms. Virginia Montgomery

Mr. & Mrs. David Sliker

Mr. Mark Wall


Mr. John Albrycht

Ms. Janice Kramer

Col. Phyllis Luttman

Ms. Ana McKitrick

Ms. Phyllis Smith

Mr. James Sonnier

Mr. Robert Spear

Ms. Linda Thorne

Ms. Susan Warren

August 2016


Ms. Maria Mavar


Ms. Julia O’Neal

Ms. Lynn Smith


Ms. Jill Hernandez

Mr. Lance Brannan

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Brokl

Ms. Ashley Chichkanov

Ms. Kathy Cox

Ms. Tammy Eakes

Ms. Jennifer Edwards

Mr. John Evans

Ms. Sheila Foster

Ms. Carlet Jones

Ms. Paula Lamont

Mr. & Mrs. Bo Mayfield

Ms. Susan McCready

Ms. Mary Rowe

Ms. Darlene Willey


Ms. Vicki Applewhite

Ms. Jean Bounds

Ms. Janet Green

Ms. Gladys Ishee

Ms. Darlene Ritter

Ms. Lois Smith

Mr. Cliff Thompson

July 2016


Ms. Susan Bosco

Dr. Robert Carter

Dr. Fred Dale

Mr. Rick Fortenberry

Dr. Barbara Massony

Mrs. Carol Ann Wilkerson

Dr. Daisy Ferrill


Mr. & Mrs. James Douglas

Mrs. Debbi Drake

Mr. & Mrs. Billy Dugger

Mrs. Janet Evans

Ms. Linda Grimes

Mr. Philip Huffman

Ms. Lynn Linenberger

Mr. David Richards

Dr. Brian Maxey

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schenk


Ms. Nora Byrd

Mrs. Carolyn Collier

Ms. Mildred Dickson

Mr. William Gamble

Mr. Milton Grishman

Mrs. Mary Ann Nelson

Ms. Kathleen Ruhs

Mr. William Schaum

Ms. Ann Shirley


Lemon-Mohler Insurance Agency

June 2016


Dr. Fred Dale

Mr. Rick Fortenberry

Mrs. Carol Ann Wilkerson


Mrs. Janet Evans

Ms. Linda Grimes


Ms. Julie Ellis

Ms. Ann Shirley

Mrs. Mary Anne Nelson

May 2016


Levi Family Group – 5 Year Leader

Dr. Pat Joachim – Friend


Ms. Sandra Cain

Mr. Arthur Carlisle

Mr. Michael Collins

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Del Cid

Ms. Libby Gunn

Ms. Margaretta Johnson

Ms. Margaret Justice

Mr. Charles Munger

Ms. Linda Stringer


Ms. Mary Allen

Mr. Ted Baer

Ms. Martha Gayle Ceasar

Mr. George Cumbest

Ms. Virginia Dugaw

Dr. F.J. Eicke

Dr. Michael Humphreys

Ms. Leigh Jaunsen

Ms. Donna Krebs

Ms. Virginia Magruder

Ms. Samantha McDaniel

Mr. Ernest Mitchell

Ms. Kim Overstreet

Ms. Amy Peattie

Mr. & Mrs. Emil Pialet

Ms. Julia Porter

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Andrews

Ms. Susan Wilson


Ms. Cynthia Cochran

Ms. Mary Gillies

Ms. Mary Holem

Mr. Merrill Markham

Ms. Virginia O’Keefe

Mr. Don Rawls

Ms. Tina Sullivan

Dr. Ginger Wishik

April 2016


Ms. Leslie Dobbins

March, 2016


Mr. & Mrs. George Ramseur


Dr. Harlan Crimm

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Gatton

Ms. Karem Graeber

Ms. Ellen Hull

Ms. JoEllen Reid

Sr. & Mrs. F. Selman

Mr. Russell Thompson


Ms. Dianne Buell

Ms. Missy Garoza

Ms. Bridget Hitchcock

Ms. Gloria Roberts

Ms. Gerry Anne Woodward