Monique Moniot Greathouse

Monique is a diverse artist and business owner.  Painting, for her, began at the ripe age of two and continues to be a life’s journey.  Monique is primarily a self-taught artist; freeing her from the traditional boxes and limitations associated with specific studies. While her passion lies in Oils, she has had noteworthy sales of Acrylics and Watercolor productions as well.  Monique is currently exploring portrait and realism projects, and is both under contract and accepting offers for additional portrait paintings.

Monique has owned two businesses.  Her early income production business (Casa Bella) provided custom art utilized in Interior decoration, wall finishes, and furniture restoration.  She has completed numerous projects for “High end developers” as well as private contracts utilizing training received in Virginia and Italy.  These amazing finishes are a reflection of some of the work her mother has also accomplished which can even be viewed in the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

Living in Europe (Germany) has provided her wonderful opportunities to visit some of the world’s greatest art museums and closely study the techniques of world renowned artists, as well as attending renowned workshops. Seeking to expand her knowledge and personal practice, Monique opened Brushstrokes and Bellini’s in Otterbach, Germany.  Originally intended as guided art projects, B&B ignited a passion for teaching.  The business provided oil painting courses throughout the year designed to provide budding Artists with the knowledge to paint the world as they see it!  It then expanded to coordinating and facilitating Annual Art retreats allowing her students to paint in places such as Monet’s garden and the French coast.

In addition to being a 200hr Yoga Instructor, Monique’s unique blend of spirituality and love of life is exposed through her vast works. Monique continues to challenge herself and accepts that finding her way through art, much like life, is a never-ending, growing process! As she is oft to say, “The heart has a story only the hands can tell.”

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