Kelsey Wishik

Kelsey Wishik is a multimedia artist who spent most of her childhood growing up in Ocean Springs, MS.  Her work explores a number of mediums and dimensions from drawing and sculpture, to writing and music.  She considers her role as an artist to communicate a sense of awe and reverence for life through any accessible creative means.

We are excited about Kelsey’s show initiating the Rising Young Artist  Series at the Mary C.  She is a recent graduate of USM and will be beginning her Master’s  at Lamar Dodd School of Art in Athens, GA this fall.  Her work in the Duckett Gallery will include an installation, sculpture, ceramic pieces, drawings and paintings.  She says that her work embodies the impressions of forces working within and around her that forms the texture of her life.  As such, it is indeed a rich show full of excellent work and exciting discoveries.

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