Carmen Lugo

Carmen Lugo is a long time Mary C instructor and local artist. Carmen’s summer camps an Art Exploration classes have been crowd favorites. Carmen recently started an introduction for drawing for teens at The Mary C.

My artwork emerges from the moment. I create paintings by maintaining a live, stream-of-consciousness quality to my work, letting the canvas become a visual extension of my mind. I believe that making marks for communication and expression is a most natural, fundamental human instinct, and my paintings are my visual record of an ever-evolving inventory of experiences and fleeting impressions of the world around me.

Though I begin a painting with an initial concept in mind, I often surrender analytical thought, and “feel” my way through the painting spatially, working the canvas as a whole. The first brushstroke is the mark that sets the tone of the painting. From there, I build layers and make marks. Under a layer of paint, ink, or wax, there might be an assortment of scribbled pencil lines, charcoal, torn paper, broken guitar strings, or a photograph. Though I am physically creating the painting, the ultimate goal is to keep my conscious mind from interfering with the raw emotion that fuels the painting, letting the process dictate the resulting image, down to the final mark.

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