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Donald Del Cid is internationally recognized in the fields of tropical and vernacular architecture, historic preservation, natural disasters and environmental concerns.

He is also known for his work in earthquake mitigation, energy conservation, and traditional construction systems. He has been practicing and teaching  architecture and historic preservation in the USA, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. Has lectured in numerous locations around the world.

He is a graduate of La Universidad de San Carlos de Borromeo in Guatemala, and later attended the Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies at the University of York, England, followed by The International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM); in Rome, Italy.

Mr. Del Cid has also served as an educator at the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property ICCROM, Rome, Italy- a UNESCO-founded institute. At Tulane University’s School of Architecture in New Orleans, he co-founded the Master in Preservation Studies program.

At The University of Texas at Arlington School of Architecture he served as adjunct professor where he taught design studios related to architecture, interior design, industrial archaeology and initiated architectural programs in Historic Preservation and Tropical Architecture.

Through years of professional experience, Mr. Del Cid also has a keen ability to interface with a variety of disciplines. Currently Donald is collaborating with Waggonner & Ball Architecture-Environment in New Orleans where they are engaged in planning issues for coastal cities around the world threatened by flooding and sea-level rise.

Donald and Dianne del Cid reside in Ocean Springs where they opened ‘Architerra of Ocean Springs’, an Architectural and Landscaping enterprise.

Donald donated his professional architectural library to the Mary C. for the benefit of the community.

The library among others, encompasses publications about architecture, history, historic preservation, astro-archaeology, environment, The Maya, Native America, Columbus, construction science, tropical architecture, Landscape Architecture, historic fortifications, and a number of essays and academic reports executed by his students at Tulane University, The University of Texas at Arlington and the Francisco Marroquin University in Guatemala.

Donald is initiating a series of lectures related to Ocean Springs and the topics included in his library, as well as, escorted tours and visits to thematic sites in Ocean Springs, adjacent places, other regions of The United States and the Caribbean. Donald also started a series of colloquia at the Mary C. where topics related to architecture, preservation and the environment will be discussed as a colloquium with the attendants.

The Cambridge Business English Dictionary defines ‘colloquium’ as: “a meeting in which people discuss something formally [a specific topic]”.

The Farlex Dictionary defines ‘colloquia’ as: “an informal meeting for the exchange of views; an academic

seminar on a broad field of study usually … a different topic”.