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Paranormal 101

MGCParanormal presents Paranormal 101, sharing the expanding science of Ghost Hunting, Bigfoot Hunting, Urban Legends. Event is informative, educational, and guest interactive with hands-on opportunities to handle equipment actually used in the paranormal field! Equipment demonstrations include some of latest available; EMF readers, FLIR, infrared cameras, full spectrum POV’s, audio recorders, Spirit Box, more. We touch on history and advances of investigative equipment – from dowsing rods to popular gaming device coupled with special computer software that can record spirits. Basic Investigative Skills: information on correctly conducting EVP sessions, camera set up, photographing in series, audio, being respectful, evidence review. Will share experiences and evidence from investigations, locally and from Waverly Hills Sanatorium, KY. Bigfoot evidence shared, and personal equipment necessary for safety in multiple outdoor environments.

$30 fee per person – *Free t-shirt with ticket purchase while supplies last* Door prizes! Recommended age 18+, unless with parent. Contact https://mkt.com/mgcpara for tickets, or visit www.mgcparanormal.org

Day/Date: Saturday, October 14th

Time: 1:00-3:00p.m.

Price: $30