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Lecture Series by Donald del Cid

Pre-Columbian American Architecture: New View of Old Architectural and Archaeologic Theories


Join Donald Del Cid for his second thematic discussion in our Lecture Series: Pre-Columbian American Architecture:New View of Old Architectural and Archaeologic Theories. This is a free series. Wine will be served and donations are welcomed.

When the Americas were visited, analyzed and recognized by the Europeans, the Architecture that was found in the continent did not meet the European Cannons of Designs. Archaeologists began to name the built environment – particularly the Mesoamerican and Inca ruins – using European known terms such as: “castles, nunneries, convents, pyramids, altars, temples, stelae, roads, etc.”. The typology of buildings was completely new and different; new terms were not created ….

Natives where sublimated because the local populations lost the ‘War of the European Conquest’ and religious people did not find the “sign of the cross everywhere ….” Modern History tells the story of the winners ….. the Americas became colonies …

Text books were destroyed, edifices were demolished and their materials were reused to build new European-style buildings. The ‘Story of Early American Architecture’ was lost …  Newer and up-dated theories had to be developed in order to understand what the Early Americans did, believed and constructed.

The lecture intents to develop concepts that will be more in concord with the Early American Cannons. Discussion will be appreciated.

Day/Date: Thursday, November 16th

Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Price: Donations Welcomed

RSVP to info@themaryc.org by November 16th


*Donald Del Cid is internationally recognized in the fields of tropical and vernacular architecture, historic preservation, natural disasters and environmental concerns. He is also known for his work in earthquake mitigation, energy conservation, and traditional construction systems. He has been practicing and teaching  architecture and historic preservation in the USA, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. Has lectured in numerous locations around the world.