Event Details

June 26th – 30th – Summer Camp Week

 Food is Science Camp

A very interactive, hands-on summer camp for children. Children will work side by side with a professional chef and learn the science of food. Each day we will do a different science experiment and link that experiment to the menu we are preparing for the day. There will be a take home from each class to re-emphasize the lesson for the day at home. The importance of safety and healthy food practices will also be taught.


Instructor: Chef Danie, Culinary Arts Instructor at Gulfport High and restaurant owner

Ages: 6 – 10 (Younger ages will be considered)

Time: 1:30p.m. – 4:30p.m.

Days/Dates: Monday-Friday, June 26th-30th

Price: Members: $190.00/ Non Members: $200.00

Registration Deadline: June 19th

 Clean up will be taught at the end of every class to ensure proper sanitary techniques are employed. Hand washing as well as a safe and sanitary way to clean the kitchen

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CLASS ONE – Monday

The Science of Making a Simple Dough.

Yeast and how it works.

Children will learn the art of making pizza dough and a rustic sauce as well as simple knife skills to cut up toppings for pizzas.

EXPERIMENT – Science experimentwith yeast

MENU – Mini pizzas with various toppings and breadsticks.

TAKE HOME – Pizza dough and sauce for another pizza!


CLASS TWO – Tuesday

Egg-cell-lent Eggs

Children will learn the importance of eggs in a balanced diet as a great source of protein.

EXPERIMENT – Science experiment with eggs.

MENU – Easy omelets. Deviled eggs and easy scrambled eggs and fresh fruit salad.

TAKE HOME – Fresh farm eggs and Milk.


CLASS THREE – Wednesday

Simple Fresh Market Soup

Children will learn the importance of eating whole fresh foods.

They would learn how to make good food choices in any situation. They would also learn how to make a simple soup out of fresh veggies from the market.

EXPERIMENT – Science of processed food Soda experiment.

MENU – Fresh Market Soup

TAKE HOME – A container of fresh soup.


CLASS FOUR –Thursday

Tasting without Smell

Children will learn the importance of the sense of smell on the flavor of food and how to cook with aromatics.

EXPERIMENT- Taste test without smell.

MENU – Fresh lemon curd – Stuffed mini potatoes w/ herbed chicken.

TAKE HOME – Fresh lemon curd.



Making Pasta

Children will learn the age old method of making fresh pasta and the easiest marinara sauce as well as the importance of picking fresh ingredients and eating correctly.

EXPERIMENT – How to tell if eggs are good or bad.

MENU– Fresh fettuccine pasta and an easy marinara sauce.

TAKE HOME– Fresh Pasta