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June 26th – 27th  Mini Summer Camp

Make a Magical Hand Puppet Mini Camp

This is a 2 day camp, that will work heavily with our imaginations. On the 1st day of camp, we will trace, cut, & decorate our puppets from the wildest depths of our magical minds! On the 2nd day of camp, we will finish any decorating that needs to be done, and create names, and make a name certificate for our puppets. Each child will be able to make their own puppet, following pre-cut patterns. While this is a camp that has been created to explore the depths of your child’s imagination, this can also be a learning tool for them to trace, as well as cut with (safety) scissors. This is a great way to see the opportunities your child’s imagination can work. Towards the end of class on the 2nd day, we will have a show & tell, where your child will have a chance to talk about their mysterious creature. Parents will be welcome to the show & tell!

Instructor: Summer Bat

Age: 4-5

Day/Date: Monday/Tuesday, June 26th & 27th

Time: 9:00a.m. – 12:00p.m.

Price: Members: $70.00/ Non Members: $80.00

(Includes supplies)

Registration Deadline: June 19th