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Two Great Shows all in one night!

Ocean Springs High School



“Argonautika” breathes to life  the story of “Jason and the Argonauts.” On his journey, his crew encounters monsters, goddesses, nymphs and more amazing sights. The chorus of actors weave together this splendid tale with mask, puppetry, movement, and beautiful theatre innovations. Join Jason and his crew of Argonauts as they embark on the first voyage of the world to find the Golden Fleece. 



Wings Performing Arts of Lynn Meadows Discovery Center


Bend in the River-Louisiana’s Secret People



This will be WINGS last performance prior to taking it to the Mississippi Theatre Association State Festival’s Community Theatre Festival.


About the Show

When a  young girl from New Orleans contracts leprosy she is hidden way from the world and becomes one of the Secret People of Carville, Louisiana .  A Southern Gothic Tale, a journey of courage and hope told with original and traditional American Roots Music. 

US Marine Hospital 66 was an isolated microcosm of the world where patients with leprosy, Hansen’s Disease were treated.  These patients in spite of everything they endured and  because of the dedication of the Daughters of Charity and medical pioneers gave a miracle to the world, the cure for leprosy.  The script features composite characters based various patients and Daughters of Charity as well as real people, Dr. Guy Henry Faget and Stanley Stein.

The play was selected by the Orphange, a new play development lab through CoLAB Arts and has had readings in New Brunswick , New Jersey and at Theatre 167 in New York City .   

 Bend in the River – Louisiana’s Secret People was performed  at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival to enthusiastic audiences who were touched by the poignant story and the powerful message of sacrifice and faith. 

Day/Date: Saturday, January 7th

Time: 7:00p.m.

Price: Members: $10.00/ Non Members: $15.00