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This event finished on 23 August 2017

In a Hot Minute Cooking Class

with Julian Brunt

This series of classes called “In a Hot Minute,” is based on the cookbook Julian Brunt is currently writing. This cookbook is designed for people on the go. People who want to feed their families interesting and healthy food, but do not have the time, budget or perhaps culinary skills to achieve what they would like.

Each class will have a general topic, such as store-bought rotisserie chicken, and will present at least four different recipes relating to the topic. Each recipe can be completely accomplished in less that 30 minutes and will require only basic kitchen skills.

Julian is committed to using local and seasonal ingredients, such as Delta Blues Rice and Sandridge Farm pork.

Mississippi food writer and photographer Julian Brunt and partner Kim Wilson.

Wednesday, August 16th Topic:

Quick Pasta Dishes

Wednesday, August 23rd Topic:

Rice & The Rice Cooker

Times: 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Price: Members $20.00/ Non Members $25.00