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This event finished on 06 April 2017

 Teen Arts Council in Partnership with Ocean Springs IB Program


Free Turkish Language Lessons

This is a international baccalaureate class. Students get college credit for doing it.

Basic Lessons on the Turkish Language

What to Bring: Paper & Pencil

Instructor: OSHS IB Student, Ansu Edwards

Days: Tuesdays/Thursdays

Dates: First Class starts February 16th

Time: 5:00-6:00p.m.

Price: Free

Week 1: Alphabet, Pronunciation, Basic Greeting and Goodbye Words, Telling Names, How are you, Colloquial Ways of Vocatives, Sample Dialogues

Week 2: Numbers, There is/are, Plurals, Suffixes

Week 3: Possessives, Days, Months, Seasons

Week 4: Adjectives, Conjunctions, Colors, Professions, 3rd Person Singular/Plural Verbs

Week 5: Conjugating Verbs, Nationalities, Negatives, Questions

Week 6: Present Tense,Accusative Case, Dative

Week 7: Let’s…, Parts of the Day, Breakfast Vocab, I Have to/Must, Directions

Week 8: Past tense, Past Continuous Tense

Week 9: Simple Future Tense, Participles

Week 10: Final Practices and Adjourning