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Opening Reception

Magic Lanterns: A Multimedia Exhibition by Geoff Mitchell

August 31st-December 2, 2017

Geoff was born and raised in Gulfport, Mississippi. He has exhibited in galleries and museums across the U.S. in cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston and Atlanta, as well as abroad in Tokyo, Norway and Austria.  For his Magic Lanterns project and exhibition, Geoff chose a universally entertaining subject, ghost stories, to explore his fascination with the concept of time. The exhibition consists of a three-room diorama set which presents a ghost story in 7th scale miniature. There are twenty paintings, each setting the stage for a classic style ghost story which unfolds in the Magic Lanterns book that accompanies the project.  A soundtrack will also play as a backdrop for the show.

Mitchell’s exhibition is inspired by the theory that the fundamental nature of the universe is in fact timeless. He suggests that if such a thing were true, one could imagine the possibility that the past, present, and the future are nothing more than an illusion; and the only thing that is real is the whole of it existing constantly as one. He wonders, “could it be possible that ghosts, rather than being spirits of those passed, are a momentary glimpse of those who are very much alive, existing alongside us – only in another time?”

Geoff goes on to say that “it has been said that ‘every love story is a ghost story’, but might it be more correct to say that – every story – is a ghost story? Every tale we tell is something that is once passed and yet somehow still remains. And isn’t all of life really just a story that we tell each other, whether it be shared by memory or through the very genetic imprint of our blood? And when, or if, all stories were to finally disappear, we might hope that somewhere still, a ghostly imprint of our story will remain.”

Opening Reception Day/Date: Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Time: 5:30-7:00p.m.