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Opening Reception “Customs on the Mississippi Coast” As part of Mississippi’s bicentennial celebration, the Mississippi Arts Commission, in partnership with the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center, will present the photography exhibit “Customs on the Mississippi Coast” from Sept. 28 to Nov. 30, 2018, at the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center in Ocean Springs, Miss. This exhibit is a curated showcase of photographs that highlights the variety of customary traditions practiced in the coastal region of the state. The four traditions featured in the exhibit include spoken word poetry at Da Wall Lounge in Gulfport, the Biloxi Second Liners Mardi Gras Club, the Blessing of the Fleet ritual as well as the customs of decorating graves and participating in mass on All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day in Bay St. Louis. “The Mississippi Arts Commission is pleased to partner with the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center to present these photos that depict the unique cultural traditions of the people of Mississippi, traditions unique to our state that serve to enliven and unify our communities,” said Malcolm White, executive director of MAC. “An important part of our work at MAC is to document these traditions and make resources available to ensure their survival.” During the reception, representatives from each tradition will be present to share stories and educate the public about their traditional practices in a facilitated discussion. This exhibit is sponsored by the Mississippi Arts Commission and funded through the support of the National Endowment for the Arts. This event is free and open to the public. Day/Date: Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017 Time: 5:30pm-7:00pm Price: Free Light Refreshments Served *Donations Welcomed Photos Courtesy of the Mississippi Arts Commission Photo Courtesy of Debora Mage

Donald Del Cid is internationally recognized in the fields of tropical and vernacular architecture, historic preservation, natural disasters and environmental concerns. He is also known for his work in earthquake mitigation, energy conservation, and traditional construction systems. He has been practicing and teaching  architecture and historic preservation in the USA, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. Has lectured in numerous locations around the world. He is a graduate of La Universidad de San Carlos de Borromeo in Guatemala, and later attended the Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies at the University of York, England, followed by The International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM); in Rome, Italy. Mr. Del Cid has also served as an educator at the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property ICCROM, Rome, Italy- a UNESCO-founded institute. At Tulane University’s School of Architecture in New Orleans, he co-founded the Master in Preservation Studies program. At The University of Texas at Arlington School of Architecture he served as adjunct professor where he taught design studios related to architecture, interior design, industrial archaeology and initiated architectural programs in Historic Preservation and Tropical Architecture. Through years of professional experience, Mr. Del Cid also has a keen ability to interface with a variety of disciplines. Currently Donald is collaborating with Waggonner & Ball Architecture-Environment in New Orleans where they are engaged in planning issues for coastal cities around the world threatened by flooding and sea-level rise. Donald and Dianne del Cid reside in Ocean Springs where they opened ‘Architerra of Ocean Springs’, an Architectural and Landscaping enterprise. Donald donated his professional architectural library to the Mary C. for the benefit of the community. The library among others, encompasses publications about architecture, history, historic preservation, astro-archaeology, environment, The Maya, Native America, Columbus, construction science, tropical architecture, Landscape Architecture, historic fortifications, and a number of essays and academic reports executed by his students at Tulane University, The University of Texas at Arlington and the Francisco Marroquin University in Guatemala. Donald is initiating a series of lectures related to Ocean Springs and the topics included in his library, as well as, escorted tours and visits to thematic sites in Ocean Springs, adjacent places, other regions of The United States and the Caribbean. Donald also started a series of colloquia at the Mary C. where topics related to architecture, preservation and the environment will be discussed as a colloquium with the attendants. The Cambridge Business English Dictionary defines ‘colloquium’ as: “a meeting in which people discuss something formally [a specific topic]”. The Farlex Dictionary defines ‘colloquia’ as: “an informal meeting for the exchange of views; an academic seminar on a broad field of study usually … a different topic”.

Fall Dance Festival 2017 A Celebration of Southern Modern Dance Choreographers   Day/Date: Saturday, September 30th Creative Movement with Summer Baldwin Come explore all the different ways you can express yourself through the movement of your body! You will play fun dance games geared towards self-expression, improvisation, relaxation and experiencing the joy of movement with Summer Baldwin. Ages: 5-12 (Beginner/ Intermediate) Time: 10:00-11:00am Price:  Members: $15.00/ Non-Members: $20.00    Somadances of Shin Somatics® with Kelly F. Lester This class will explore elements of Shin Somatics® through its principals of Land to Water Yoga, Butoh imagery, and Chakra Unwinding. The class will explore how dance emerges through the deep awareness of the self and the present moment. The imagery will guide movement patterns and improvisations as the dancers explore personal expression and the bonds of community. Ages: Teens and up - Intermediate Movers Time: 11:15-12:15pm Price:  Members: $15.00/ Non-Members: $20.00   Modern Dance Technique with Katie Erin Ginn This modern dance technique class will place an emphasis on "falling"; how to fall correctly, what happens in the body during a fall, how impact affects the body and safe techniques for falling. Dancers will also learn the history and dance linage behind Katie Erin Ginn's technical methods. Ages: Teens and up - Intermediate/Advanced Dancers Time: 12:30-1:30pm Price:  Members: $15.00/ Non-Members: $20.00   Dance on Film for Dancers & Choreographers with Sharon Leahy Take the first steps toward transferring your choreographic process from stage to film! Learn some simple techniques for beginning the journey toward creating dance for the camera. Both doing and watching involved; bring a camera if you have one. Ages: Teens and up - All Levels Time: 1:45-2:45pm Price:  Members: $15.00/ Non-Members: $20.00   Share Dance Meetup for Dancers & Choreographers hosted by Mississippi Dance Leader Alliance (Panel discussion and networking opportunity for dancers and choreographers) Time: 2:45-3:30pm Price: Free Young Artists Showcase  This is a showcase that features dance artists ages 17 and under! The young artists have either choreographed their own work or are performing work choreographed by an adult teacher or choreographer. Time: 4:30pm Price: Members: $10.00/ Non-Members: $15.00 Dance Film + Formal Choreography Showcase Come out for an evening of original dance pieces and films by professional dancers, choreographers, educators and film makers. The pieces chosen for the festival highlight both emerging artists at the beginning of their careers and also seasoned professionals. Time: 7:00pm Price: Members: $15.00/ Non-Members: $20.00 Formal Choreography: Kelly Ferris Lester and Elizabeth Lentz-Hill Leif Anderson Dance Films: Ground Fine by Sharon Leahy The You I See by Samantha Russell Pack Light by Jeoffery Harris, Jr.

Biloxi Bay Seafood Gumbo Class Join Pat Labrano and learn the secret to making the perfect Gumbo. Menu: Gumbo Potato Salad Sweet Tea Day/Date: Saturday, October 7th Time: 12:00pm-2:00pm Price: Members: $45.00 / Non Members: $50.00

Level One - Improv Class The introductory course to Improv will focus on the fundamentals of building a scene, the three "rules" of improv, and engaging in group mentality. Level emphasizes getting out of one's head, listening to your scene partners, and discovering the basics of what makes a scene happen. In the four weeks of this class, you will learn scenework, character work, the differences of Short form and Long form improv, and how to discover and cultivate your own personal "style" of improvisation. Instructor: Tyler Howard Ages: 13-Adult Day: Saturdays Dates: September 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th Registration Deadline: September 2nd October 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th Registration Deadline: September 30th November 11th, 18th, 25th and December 2nd Registration Deadline: November 4th Time: 12:30p.m. - 2:30p.m. Price: Members: $80.00/ Non-Members: $90.00

Alabama Shakespeare Festival: Much Ado About Nothing The Alabama Shakespeare Festival is among the ten largest Shakespeare festivals in the world. The festival is permanently housed in the Carolyn Blount Theatre in Montgomery, Alabama and will be coming to the Mary C. Day/Date: Thursday, October 12th Time: Class: 10:00a.m. Workshop: 11:30a.m. Price: Class $5.00 Student Workshop: $5.00 Class  & Workshop: $10.00

Mississippi Poetry Out Loud Mississippi Poetry Out Loud State Coordinator Ken Bolinsky presents a 45-minute, interactive, multimedia motivational infotainment designed to excite students and teachers about this extraordinary national poetry-recitation program.  POL is free of charge, conducted in our state by the Mississippi Arts Commission, and features a sequence of recitation contests at which students can earn cash prizes. Day/Date: Thursday, October 12th Time: 1:00pm Price: Free

Fall into the Arts with the Mary C. Join The Mary C. this fall for the fundraising event of the season! Fall Into the Arts with The Mary C. will be held on Oct. 13th at The Mary C. Fall Into the Arts with The Mary C. is a unique event that will bring together music, fine art and the culinary arts for a one night block party. The event will feature the musical styling's of The Mulligan Brothers, a food tasting featuring Julian Brunt and an Art Drawdown featuring artist from across the country!  Tickets to the event begin at $50.00. This includes admission to the show, food tasting and one complementary beverage (beer/wine). In order to participate in the Art Drawdown (and walk away with a piece of art valued at $150 or more!) be one of only 90 people purchasing the coveted $100 ART tickets. This ticket allows you entry into the event, food tasting, two complementary beverages of your choice (beer/wine) AND a unique piece of art. Day/Date: Friday, October 13th Time: 6:30pm-9:00pm Price: Event Only: $50.00/ Event plus Art Drawdown: $100.00

Mixed Media: Focus on Image Transfer Techniques   Workshop Description : Discover exciting new ways to add texture and mystery to painterly compositions with a variety of image transfer techniques. Drawing on varied sources such as personal snapshots, found images or old family photographs, students will learn how to skillfully blend these images into a painterly surface, creating expressive and evocative compositions. Emphasis will be placed on class demonstrations combined with individualized instruction as students become proficient with each technique. Day 1 : Hour 1 : Introduction to image transfer. Workshop goals and expectations. Demonstration of Wintergreen Oil technique on pre-painted under painting on 12X12 panel. Students follow with handout. *Discuss under painting (light/warm colors are best to begin with - orange/tan/yellow - use of line and demarcation. *Type of copy used (basic black and white xerox-carbon ink-no inkjet-no actual photo). Reverse image. *Other materials needed (burnishing tool, wintergreen oil, soft cloth, masking tape.) *Placing the copy - Masking tape for registration. *Application of oil-separating paper from surface-work in roughly 5x5 sections. *Burnishing - Multi-directions - Cut off section when finished. Discuss image creation (using my demo as example) *Importance of high contrast to distinguish features. Deep blacks and plenty of white areas to allow paint underneath to show through. *What is white in the image becomes the color underneath it. Transparency. What is black blocks color underneath. *Transparency and the blending of image with paint creates the magic trick. Just enough dark tone to define the image are needed. Students begin using provided images to practice the wintergreen oil technique. Hour 2 : Students continue practice of wintergreen oil technique (with instructor assistance) and begin to prepare their 12X12 panel with an underpainting. Hour 3 : Students finish under painting on their 12X12 panel (with instructors suggestions and assistance) and begin to incorporate image transfer. *Make certain under painting is COMPLETELY DRY (use hair dryer) before beginning transfer. Hour 4 : Students work on 12X12 panel with instructor guidance and assistance. During final 20 minutes of the day : field trip to IP Gallery to locate and discuss ways in which the Wintergreen oil transfer was used in the exhibition's paintings.   Day 2 : Hour 1 : Building upon the panel created in the previous instructor's demonstration (wintergreen oil), three additional techniques will be briefly introduced during this first hour. *Gel Transfer, Silk Tissue Transfer, Transparency Transfer. Student Handouts. *Unlike the use of Wintergreen Oil, these techniques allow the use of color imagery. *Briefly describe/demo how each image is prepared. *Discuss types of ink used (see chart handout) *Note that the importance of high contrast and plenty of white space (to allow imagery underneath to show through) remains a constant with each technique. *Note that all of these processes may be used on top of one another, interchangeably, as well as painted on top of … LAYERING, LAYERING … CREATES THE MAGIC. Hour 2 : Students continue work on final 12X12 workshop painting with instructor assistance and input. Pre-prepared example imagery will be provided to incorporate techniques used in this day’s demo if the students would like to try these in their final paintings. Hour 3 : Students continue work on final 12X12 workshop painting with instructor assistance and input. Pre-prepared example imagery will be provided to incorporate techniques used in this days demo if the students would like to try these in their final paintings. Hour 4 : Students complete final 12X12 painting for the workshop. Take a moment for students to step around the room and see the completed accomplishments of other students. Time Permitting : Quick and brief demonstration of resin coating (clear shine finish) Time Permitting : field trip over to the IP Gallery to identify use of gel transfer, silk tissue transfer and transparency transfer in the exhibition. Take note that visually, the techniques sometimes yield similar results and therefore the method chosen is often a personal preference. E.     Goodbyes and Thank You. Instructor:  Geoff Mitchell Day/Date: Friday, October 27th and Saturday, October 28th Time: 12:00pm-4:00pm Price: Members: $115.00/ Non-Members: $ 125.00