Fall Dance Festival 2017 A Celebration of Southern Modern Dance Choreographers   Day/Date: Saturday, September 30th Creative Movement with Summer Baldwin Come explore all the different ways you can express yourself through the movement of your body! You will play fun dance games geared towards self-expression, improvisation, relaxation and experiencing the joy of movement with Summer Baldwin. Ages: 5-12 (Beginner/ Intermediate) Time: 10:00-11:00am Price:  Members: $15.00/ Non-Members: $20.00    Somadances of Shin Somatics® with Kelly F. Lester This class will explore elements of Shin Somatics® through its principals of Land to Water Yoga, Butoh imagery, and Chakra Unwinding. The class will explore how dance emerges through the deep awareness of the self and the present moment. The imagery will guide movement patterns and improvisations as the dancers explore personal expression and the bonds of community. Ages: Teens and up - Intermediate Movers Time: 11:15-12:15pm Price:  Members: $15.00/ Non-Members: $20.00   Modern Dance Technique with Katie Erin Ginn This modern dance technique class will place an emphasis on "falling"; how to fall correctly, what happens in the body during a fall, how impact affects the body and safe techniques for falling. Dancers will also learn the history and dance linage behind Katie Erin Ginn's technical methods. Ages: Teens and up - Intermediate/Advanced Dancers Time: 12:30-1:30pm Price:  Members: $15.00/ Non-Members: $20.00   Dance on Film for Dancers & Choreographers with Sharon Leahy Take the first steps toward transferring your choreographic process from stage to film! Learn some simple techniques for beginning the journey toward creating dance for the camera. Both doing and watching involved; bring a camera if you have one. Ages: Teens and up - All Levels Time: 1:45-2:45pm Price:  Members: $15.00/ Non-Members: $20.00   Share Dance Meetup for Dancers & Choreographers hosted by Mississippi Dance Leader Alliance (Panel discussion and networking opportunity for dancers and choreographers) Time: 2:45-3:30pm Price: Free Young Artists Showcase  This is a showcase that features dance artists ages 17 and under! The young artists have either choreographed their own work or are performing work choreographed by an adult teacher or choreographer. Time: 4:30pm Price: Members: $10.00/ Non-Members: $15.00 Dance Film + Formal Choreography Showcase Come out for an evening of original dance pieces and films by professional dancers, choreographers, educators and film makers. The pieces chosen for the festival highlight both emerging artists at the beginning of their careers and also seasoned professionals. Time: 7:00pm Price: Members: $15.00/ Non-Members: $20.00 Formal Choreography: Kelly Ferris Lester and Elizabeth Lentz-Hill Leif Anderson Dance Films: Ground Fine by Sharon Leahy The You I See by Samantha Russell Pack Light by Jeoffery Harris, Jr.